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Roasting Pan and Rack Berlinger Haus BH-7849 Shiny Black

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Roasting Pan and Rack Berlinger Haus BH-7849 Shiny Black

This non-stick roasting pan and rack from Berlinger Haus will be your perfect dish for cooking your Sunday roast dinner. It is versatile and can be used for cooking a variety of meat or vegetables or both at the same time. The rack can be easily removed or added and will help you cook the perfect dish for your family or friends. When using it, it will ensure hot air can reach the underside of the food, for a perfect crispy finish. The beautiful illusion bronze colour stands out and the large stainless steel handles provide comfortable and safe use of the roaster. The non-stick coating will provide an easy collection of juices and fat to make a tasty gravy for your meal.

Product Description:

Material: Carbon steel
Coating: Titan non-stick coating
Size: 41.5 x 32 x 7.7 cm
Colour: illusion bronze

All products from the Shiny Black collection are Eco friendly. They are free from harmful substances such as PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium.

Following the care and cleaning instructions will ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

Maintenance instructions before its first use:

Start by removing all labels, carefully wash and rinse the cookware with mild detergent and water. Next, dry the cookware with a soft towel. Treat the coating with a little vegetable oil and wipe off the excess. This procedure preserves the effectiveness of the non-stick coating.

Cleaning instructions:

After cooking, leave the pan to cool down to room temperature. Do not try to cool down by pouring cold water into the cookware.
Clean the product thoroughly after use in order to remove all stains that may become ground-in due to the heat during the next use of the product. Use mild detergent and a soft scourer. Do not use a metal scourer when washing or metal utensils for cooking to prevent damaging the non-stick coating and the metallic color of the pan. Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Gentle cleaning is recommended to preserve the excellent condition of the product, therefore cleaning in the dishwasher should be avoided.

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