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Digital Double Basket Air Fryer 9.6L For Healthy Oil-Free Cooking 1800W Berlinger Haus BH-9420

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Digital Double Basket Air Fryer 9.6L For Healthy Oil-Free Cooking 1800W Berlinger Haus BH-9420


How many times have you felt guilty because you indulged in your favorite fried dish at the wrong time? How many times have you had to say no to delicious snacks just because they were fried? How many times have fried treats become your worst nightmare? No more regrets, because the Berlinger Haus fryer has found a way to combine fried food with healthy eating.

Cooks with hot air circulation and little or no oil. Forget about dipping in hot oil to get your food crispy. The secret lies in the continuous circulation of hot air. And if you think the lack of butter means dehydrated and dry foods, you’re laughing. This superheated air inside the chamber provides the fresh feeling outside while sealing and locking the moisture inside.

Prepare the most attractive meals faster than ever! Delicious fries, chicken nuggets, fish nuggets, onion rings. no regrets! Get rid of unnecessary, unhealthy fats as you will need to add little or no cooking fat. Experiment by grilling skewers, steaks, chicken tenders, vegetables, and whatever comes to mind. The nutritional value of the food remains unchanged, fat is reduced by up to 80%

Innovation of 2 bins

If you already have an air fryer, you’ve definitely been in the predicament of waiting for the chicken to be done before putting in the fries. And by the time the potatoes are done, the chicken is cold. Berlinger Haus is once again innovating and taking care of you. With the double frying basket, it gives you the opportunity to cook 2 different foods at the same time in the same device! So you no longer have to think about whether everything will fit or if they will cool first until you have everything ready. Now you can cook everything you want at the same time!

Economy in cooking

The air fryer, with a power of 1800 watts, consumes 20 to 40% less energy than a classic oven. It also cooks faster, while due to the smaller bucket compared to the oven space, it takes almost no time to preheat. At the same time, you benefit from using the oil. So every time you use it, you save money!

Where technology meets cooking!

It takes nothing more than the push of a button on the air fryer’s advanced touch screen. And cooking became easy! Turn it on, set the temperature or select a digitally preset program. Its modern and elegant design will give modern minimal touches to your kitchen. There is an additional digital temperature control from 80°C to 200°C. It is equipped with a timer for up to 60 minutes. Each pan has a non-stick coating and a capacity of 4.6L, enough for the whole family. And the total capacity of 9.6 liters allows you to make chicken nuggets and fries for an entire children’s party!

And because at Berlinger Haus, user safety comes first, the overheating protection system will free you from unnecessary worries.

It has:

60 minute timer

2 large 4.6 liter food baskets with non-stick coating
8 preset cooking programs
Temperature regulation from 80 to 200°C
Overheat protection system
Heat resistant body and handle
Non-slip feet


Power: 1800W

Power supply: 220-240V / 50-60Hz

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