“Stainless Steel Electric Kettle: Durable and sleek design ensures optimal water heating. The modern choice for perfect brews. Elegance meets efficiency.”

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Berlinger Haus BH/9472 Electric Kettle

49.00 Incl. VAT
Electric Kettle Extravaganza: Berlinger Haus BH/9472 Black Rose/Monaco Collection Awaken your senses to the sophisticated allure of the Berlinger Haus
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Stainless steel electric kettle Berlinger Haus BH-9339

45.95 Incl. VAT

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 1.8 L Colour: Aquamarine Power: 1850-2200W 360° rotary base Transparent water level Concealed stainless steel heating element Automatically turns off when the water boils Boiling dry protection  
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