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Home Accessories Black


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Electric mill, 2 pcs set Berlinger Haus BH9543 Black

Original price was: 79.95€.Current price is: 31.95€. Incl. VAT
🌟 Illuminate Your Culinary Adventures with the Berlinger Haus BH9543 Black Electric Mill Set! 🌟 Dive into a realm of

Sensor bin, 58 L Berlinger Haus BH9526 Black

Original price was: 319.95€.Current price is: 127.95€. Incl. VAT
🌟 Sensor Bin, 58L Berlinger Haus BH9526 Black 🌟 Transform your waste disposal routine with the sleek and sophisticated Sensor

Dish rack Berlinger Haus BH 8597 Black

Original price was: 83.95€.Current price is: 33.95€. Incl. VAT
🍽️ Dish Rack, Berlinger Haus BH 8597 Black 🍽️ Organize Your Kitchen with the Stylish and Functional Berlinger Haus BH

Napkin holder Berlinger Haus BH8593 Black

Original price was: 29.95€.Current price is: 11.95€. Incl. VAT
🖤 Napkin Holder, Berlinger Haus BH 8593 Black 🖤 Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Table Setting with the

24 pcs cutlery set, mirror Berlinger Haus BH 3035

Original price was: 103.95€.Current price is: 41.95€. Incl. VAT
🍴 24 Pcs Cutlery Set, Mirror Finish Berlinger Haus BH 3035 🍴 Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Berlinger Haus

Kitchen organizer Berlinger Haus Bh 8547

Original price was: 59.95€.Current price is: 23.95€. Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH 8547 Kitchen Organizer: Streamline Your Space with Style Modern Design and Functional Efficiency Enhance your kitchen’s functionality

5+5 pcs canister set Berlinger Haus BH8577

Original price was: 73.95€.Current price is: 29.95€. Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH8577 Canister Set: Modern Storage Solutions for the Contemporary Kitchen Sleek Design and Functional Features Upgrade your kitchen

4 pcs mug set Berlinger Haus BH10014 Matte Black

Original price was: 39.95€.Current price is: 15.95€. Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH10014 Matte Black Mug Set: Bold Elegance in Every Sip 🍵 Refined Stoneware Craftsmanship Delight in the modern

24-Piece Cutlery Set Berlinger Haus BH 3069

Original price was: 234.95€.Current price is: 62.95€. Incl. VAT
Introducing the Berlinger Haus BH 3069 Black: A Symphony of Style and Sophistication Welcome the epitome of elegance and modern

24 pcs cutlery set,Berlinger Haus BH 3066 Black Silver

Original price was: 235.95€.Current price is: 60.95€. Incl. VAT
Unveil Sophistication with Berlinger Haus BH 3066: 24-Piece Black Silver Cutlery Set 🌟 Introduction: Elevate your dining experience with the

24 pcs cutlery set,Berlinger Haus BH 3063 Black silver

Original price was: 243.95€.Current price is: 62.95€. Incl. VAT
Elevate Your Dining with Berlinger Haus BH 3063: 24-Piece Black Silver Cutlery Set 🌟 Introduction: Introduce a touch of modern

Pestle and mortar Berlinger Haus BH 7825

Original price was: 53.95€.Current price is: 22.95€. Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH 7825 Pestle and Mortar: Unleashing Flavors with Timeless Granite Introduce the essence of authentic culinary artistry to
Home Accessories Black