Home Appliances Burgundy

Home Appliances Burgundy

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Berlinger Haus 9128 Electric Glass Kettle Elegance Meets Efficiency

54.95 Incl. VAT
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Table Blender Berlinger Haus BH-9443 Burgundy

59.00 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH-9443 Table Blender – Burgundy Edition Welcome to a new world of elegance and efficiency. Our Berlinger Haus
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Electric Glass Kettle Berlinger Haus BH-9117 Metallic Line Burgundy Edition

29.52 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH-9117 Electric Glass Kettle: A Symphony of Elegance and Performance 🌹 Rise to Elegance with Every Boil 🌹:
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Electric citrus juicer Berlinger Haus BH9386 Burgundy

24.00 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH9386 Electric Citrus Juicer: The Burgundy Elegance 🍊🍷 Unleash the Squeeze: Fresh Juice Everyday in Style! 🌟👌 Introducing
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Hand Mixer Berlinger Haus BH-9367 Burgundy Collection

39.99 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH-9367 Hand Mixer: The Burgundy Collection 🍷🎛 Unleash Your Passion for Baking with a Dash of Elegance! 🎂🍷
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Electric Rice Cooker Berlinger Haus BH9275 Burgundy

57.95 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH9275 Electric Rice Cooker: Elegance in Every Grain 🍚🌹 Elevate Your Culinary Experience with a Touch of Burgundy
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Electric Grill Berlinger Haus BH/9349 Burgundy Collection

39.00 Incl. VAT
Electric Grill Berlinger Haus BH/9349: The Burgundy Beauty for Your Kitchen 🍷 Elegance Redefined, Efficiency Unparalleled 🌹 Welcome to the
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2-Slice Toaster Berlinger Haus BH-9388 burgundy

52.00 Incl. VAT
Berlinger Haus BH-9388 2-Slice Toaster: A Symphony of Style and Functionality in Burgundy Elevate your morning ritual with the Berlinger
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Mini Chopper Berlinger Haus BH 9380 Burgundy Collection,

38.95 Incl. VAT
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Glass Kettle Berlinger Haus BH-9094 Burgundy Collection

33.95 Incl. VAT
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Table Blender Berlinger Haus BH-9282 Burgundy Collection

62.40 Incl. VAT
🍹 Berlinger Haus BH-9282 Burgundy Collection Table Blender – Where Elegance Meets Functionality! 🍇 Elevate your kitchen experience with the
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Planetary Mixer 1300 W Berlinger Haus BH-9193 Burgundy Line

165.60 Incl. VAT
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Home Appliances Burgundy