Colour I Rose


A true feminine look. Thanks to the warm pink colors, our I-Rose product line is a real jewel in the kitchen.

Roasting Tins and Cake Forms I Rose (9)

Knives I Rose (10)

Home Appliances I Rose (9)

Home Accessories I Rose (15)

Frying Pans I Rose (15)

Cookware Sets I Rose (5)

Casseroles I Rose (5)

Colour I Rose (76)


The 3-layer of marble coating prevents food from sticking to the pan. This coating is more durabile, than the usual ones.


The handle is soft-touch, heat resistant and it is not in direct contact with the pan, so that does not heat up during use. Due to being holey, it is easy to store hanging.

Eco friendly

All our coating does not contain harmful substances. PFOA, LEAD & CADMIUM free.


This item family cookware body is made of forged aluminum with very high thermal conductivity.


This enhanced turbo induction bottom is able to achieve the same efficiency using much less energy, therefore the pot is much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, in addition to being extremely cost-effective.


All our product is made by european designer team, according to individual industrial design. The individual design is always protected by patent. Thus the product of our company is always unique in market.

360° solution

Our company has a comprehensive product range from this product line in electrical and mechanical devices, knives, cook and bakeware and other kitchen and household accessories.

Planetary Mixer 1300 W Berlinger Haus BH-9198 I-Rose Collection

159.99 Incl. VAT

Product Specifications:

18/10 stainless steel bowl 6L Power indicator- LED light Non-stick attachments: Dough hook Beater Whisk Power: 1300 W, 220-240 v, 50/60 Hz Colour: Metallic Pink 6 Speed with turbo pulse function Easy to clean Easy Open/Close function Quiet Motor  
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Digital Kettle Berlinger Haus BH/9332 I-Rose Collection

57.95 Incl. VAT
Product Specifications
Material: Stainless steel Capacity: 1,7L Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz Power: 1850-2200W Color: metallic pink
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Kitchen Tool Set Berlinger Haus BH-6244 I-Rose Collection

28.95 Incl. VAT
This 7-piece set includes: Slotted turner Whisk Skimmer Soup ladle Masher Spaghetti ladle Stand Colour: Metallic Pink
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Pot with Lid 24 cm Berlinger Haus BH/6038 I-Rose Collection

49.95 Incl. VAT
Suitable for the following types of hobs: electric, gas, induction, halogen Size : 24 x 16.2 cm Capacity:  6 L Colour: Metallic Pink 3-layer non-stick titan coating
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Casserole 24 см Berlinger Haus BH/6035 I-Rose Collection

40.95 Incl. VAT
Material: Forged aluminum Size: 24 x 11,8 cm  4.1 L Colour: Metallic pink 3-layer non-stick marble coating
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Shallow Pot with Lid 28 cm Berlinger Haus BH/6037 I-Rose Collection

41.00 Incl. VAT
Size: 28 x 7.5 cm  3.8 L Colour: Metallic Pink 3-layer non-stick titan coating
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Casserole 28 см Berlinger Haus BH/6036 I-Rose Collection

42.95 Incl. VAT
This beautiful casserole is from our Carbon Collection. Material: Forged aluminum Size: Ø28 x 12,4 cm 6,1L Colour: Metallic  Pink 3-layer non-stick titan coating
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Casserole 20 cm Berlinger Haus BH/6034 I-Rose Collection

35.95 Incl. VAT
Casserole 20 cm  Material: forged aluminum Size : 20 x 10.4 cm Capacity:  2,2 L Colour: Metallic Pink 3-layer non-stick titan coating E
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15-Piece Cookware Set Berlinger Haus BH-6045 I-Rose Collection

196.00 Incl. VAT
Deep frypan Ø24 x 6.5 cm 2.3L Frypan Ø28 x 5.2cm 2.4L Casserole with lid Ø20 x 10 cm 2.5L Casserole with lid Ø24 x 12 cm 4.1L Casserole with lid Ø28 x 12.5 cm 6.1L Saucepan with lid Ø16 x 7.5 cm 1.2L 3 kitchen utensils- soup ladle, slotted turner and spaghetti ladle 2 heat resistant coasters  
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Electric Filter Coffee Machine Berlinger Haus BH-9159 I-Rose Collection

43.20 Incl. VAT

Product description:

Power: 800 W 220-240V 50-60 Hz Capacity: 1,5L Color: Metallic Pink Anti-drip function Blue led light
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