What are Cookies?

Cookies are minuscule pieces of textual data stored on your device whenever you access certain websites. These files play an essential role in ensuring that websites provide a personalized experience for users. By storing user preferences, tracking site usage, and managing sessions, cookies greatly enhance the efficiency and functionality of websites, like ours.

Types of Cookies

Whenever you access our site, you might come across the following cookies:

  • Our Cookies: We deploy what’s known as “first-party cookies”, permitted under European Cookie Law. These could either persist across sessions or be temporary. One such temporary “session” cookie helps us recognize users during a single site visit, ensuring consistency in your browsing experience. Once you close the browser, this cookie vanishes.

  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies give insights into user behavior – from how users stumble upon our site to how they navigate within. It’s through these insights we discern which site elements are hitting the mark and which aren’t.

  • Advertising Cookies: Advertisers employ these cookies to curate ads that would resonate with you. They document your interactions across various sites and adjust ad presentations accordingly.

  • Security Cookies: The security of our users is paramount. Security cookies step in to shield user data from potential threats and to affirm user identities.

  • Site Management Cookies: These cookies ensure that your site experience remains uninterrupted and that any information you input is consistently retained.

  • Third-Party Cookies: When you navigate our site, other companies might also place their cookies on your device. Typically, these are service providers enhancing our offerings.

Managing Cookies

If you’re not too keen on having cookies from our or any other site, you have the agency to turn them off directly from your browser. A heads-up, though: doing so might hinder some site functionalities.

Disabling Cookies

The methodology to disable cookies hinges on the browser you’re on. Most browsers let users tweak their privacy setups. Typically, you can find these settings under the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu.

  • Internet Explorer: Cookie settings
  • Firefox: Cookie settings
  • Chrome: Cookie settings
  • Safari: Cookie settings (both web & iOS)

Privacy Protocol

Curious about how we harness the data accumulated through cookies? Dive into our Privacy Policy for more. This Cookie Policy operates within, and in harmony with, our overarching Privacy Policy.

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